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AED 599

Bodyline Salon & Spa

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Bodyline Salon & Spa

Salon #10, opposite pizza company, Al Diyafa Roundabout
2nd December Road
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Phone: 04-3863525, 055-8545306

Lose weight & tone your body with 6 sessions of 90 min. Slimming, Firming, Toning & Anti Cellulite body wraps for only AED 599 (originally AED 1650)! Ladies, Get slim fast with Bodyline’s body wrap at an incredible 64% off!

Deal information

Who doesn’t want a gorgeous, lean looking body? Tired of all those do-it-yourself ant cellulite products that never really work? Yes, we hear you. That’s why we bring you Bodyline’s amazing Body Wrap program that’s effectively proven to tone and firm body muscles, reduce cellulites and make you slimmer within 90 minutes for a very rewarding AED 599 only(Value 1650)!

ntd bodyline

Benefits include:

  • Firms, tones and contours cellulite-prone areas.
  • Lose inches fast
  • Minimizes a “spongy” appearance.
  • Restores youthful-looking body contours.
  • Leaves skin supple, soft and silky smooth.
  • No mess, No pain 
  • Detoxifying and all-natural
  • No side effects
ntd bodyline 2

The slim in 90 minutes is an all-natural solution designed to cure cellulite, and aide your body's ability to shrink fat cells in your abs, back, waist, hips, arms and thighs. The natural ingredients of the slimming Body Wrap incite lymphatic drainage in your fat cells, while simultaneously stimulating blood flow in your fatty tissue. Your previously bloated fat cells are stripped of their toxins, which are then carried away as waste. Bodyline’s body wraps are the perfect blend of Science and Nature.

ntd bodyline 2

Slimming wrap needs to be taken once in 3 days or how soon the customer wants to shed those extra inches.  Further, this is a detoxification process through which the bloated fat cells are broken and drained through sweat and urine.  The process involves four steps namely rubbing and removing the dead cells from the body, massaging the body with slimming gel (Natural, herbal), wrapping the complete body in a special method with a slimming solution dipped material and heating therapy is given through thermal bed.  The complete process is of 90 minutes, customers measurements are taken before and after every single session, marked and signed.  100% results assured.  Customer may lose from 0.5 inches to 1.5 inches per session based on body's reactive capacity.  This is a completely safe and painless method of losing inches.  Along with the slimming program advice on general diet and exercise is given in order to accelerate the inch loss even after the body wraps.


These body wraps are suitable for all ages and all those with the problems of flabby muscle, over weight and has excess body fat.  It is possible to concentrate on reducing inches from particular portion of the body.



For terms and conditions and frequently asked questions, click here

The pictures used in this deal are for illustrative purposes only and may not represent the actual result/product.

-Multiple vouchers can be purchased by one person

-Only one voucher can be used per visit

-Open to ladies only

-Voucher valid for 4 months, Apr 26th- Aug 26th, 2012

-Open: All days of the week 10 am to 10 pm, Friday 4 pm to 10 pm

-Advance booking required (at least 48 hours), Bookings subject to availability

-Book through 04 3863525 or 055 8545306

-Not suitable for pregnant ladies

-Not suitable for people with thyroid or hypertension problems

-Present voucher upon arrival

-Not available for refunds

-Not valid with other offers

Ask Nailthedeal a Question about this product

  • sunnysan
    2012-05-05 Sat 04:42

    Q: is this deal act true? i hav been trying to call thm since morning d mob is on voice mail nd d other number no1 answers.

    A: Hi! This deal is true and they are open all days of the week 10 am to 10 pm, Friday 4 pm to 10 pm. Please contact them between those hours as the numbers are correct. Thanks and just "NAIL" it!

  • amal sadek
    2012-05-04 Fri 13:05

    Q: This is LPG or other technology? which machine you are using?

    A: Hi! For technical information, please contact the vendor on Tel: 055 8545306, 04 3863525. Thanks and just "NAIL" it!

  • amal sadek
    2012-05-04 Fri 13:02

    Q: If I pay 599 i will get one voucher or 6 vouchers?

    A: Hi! You will receive only one voucher but you use the same voucher for all 6 sessions. Thanks and just "NAIL" it!

  • sumitasethi
    2012-04-30 Mon 14:27

    Q: hi i have a hypothyroid problem... but it is well in control with medicenes.... can i still buy it??? i can understand hypertension but how could it affect those suffering from thyroid ,..... since it is a hormonal problem and this treatment has nothing to do with hormones is what i understand

    A: Hi! Please contact the vendor on 055 8545306, 04 3863525 about your query and they can provide you with the details your after. Thanks and just "NAIL" it!

  • swapnadeselva
    2012-04-26 Thu 02:28

    Q: hi i have a flabby belly after my pregnancy does this help in reducing the tummy and the stretch marks.....if so i would like to buy it......

    A: Hi! Please contact the vendor on 055 8545306, 04 3863525 about your query and they can provide you with the details your after. Thanks and just "NAIL" it!

  • Jenq_18
    2012-04-25 Wed 03:41

    Q: I have been trying to call their numbers since morning but no one is picking up. Are they really interested to book my appointment?

    A: Hi! The Bodyline Salon and Spa is Open all days of the week 10 am to 10 pm, Friday 4 pm to 10 pm and they can be contacted on 04 3863525 or 055 8545306. They had some issues this morning with their phone line but they're taking in appointments so give them a call now! Just "NAIL" it!

  • jess rose
    2012-04-23 Mon 00:37

    Q: Do we get the voucher as soon as we have purchased it or only once the deal ends (which is in 2 weeks?)

    A: Hi! Once you have nailed the deal, you choose a mode of payment; credit card or cash on delivery. If paying by credit card, you will receive the voucher for that deal to your email instantly. If choosing cash on delivery, the courier company will contact you to confirm date and address for delivery and it will take 2-3 days for you to receive. There is a nominal fee of AED 13 for delivery. You then need to contact the vendor to make a booking or arrange delivery for product. Thanks and just "NAIL" it!

  • rhonaserna26
    2012-04-21 Sat 23:37

    Q: How guarantee that i can lose weight? Can you clarify each sessions takes 90mins? Tnx

    A: Hi! Each session does run for 90 minutes and if you would like to know more about guaranteed weight loss, please contact the vendor on Tel: 055 8545306, 04 3863525 to confirm. Thanks and just "NAIL" it!

  • latha
    2012-04-21 Sat 22:54

    Q: can i get 3 sessions?

    A: Hi! You can take 3 sessions if you like but you will still need to pay the same amount, AED 599 for the 6 sessions. Thanks and just "NAIL" it!

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