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AED 29

Mezbaan Hyderabad Restaurant

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Mezbaan Hyderabad Restaurant

Behind Jumbo Electronics
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Phone: 04-4409300

AED 29 for an authentic Indian Hyderabadi dinner buffet! Choice of Dubai & Sharjah locations - save 56% off the original price of AED 65!

Deal information

What we eat defines us. An easy way to explore different identities and cultures is through food. Experience the rich history and heritage of Hyderabad through the secrets of Mezbaan restaurant's convenient locations in Dubai & Sharjah!


Nail the Deal brings you a stupendous dinner deal from Saturday through Wednesday to discover the tastes of Charminar. "Nail" this deal and enjoy a 29 item dinner buffet at an authentic Indian Hyderabadi restaurant worth AED 65 for only AED 29, a 56% discount! The grand buffet includes:


  • A choice of rich soups
  • BBQ starters including Sheek Kebabs and Lagan-ke-kababs
  • A wide selection of Veg & Non-Veg main courses including authentic Hyderabadi Biryani, Dum ka Murgh and Mirch ka Salan
  • Variety of freshly baked breads
  • Selection of gourmet Salads
  • Mouth watering Deserts





Nizam cuisine is very popular for its rich and aromatic taste. Dishes such as Dum ka Murgh, Lagan ke Kebab, Bhahare Bhaingan and Mirch kja Salan have conquered many hearts.


Mezbaan Restaurant is the place to enjoy Hyderabadi food in Dubai. They serve authentic Hyderabadi cuisine prepared by chefs specializing in it. Through the years Mezbaan Restaurant has earned a well deserved reputation of friendly staff and savory food and well known for their Hyderabadi Biryani.



Nail this deal for just AED 29, a 56% discount! Go ahead and give your pallet a royal treat.


For terms and conditions and frequently asked questions, click here

The pictures used in this deal are for illustrative purposes only and may not represent the actual result/product.

- You can buy as many vouchers as you want for yourself & friends

- Vouchers are valid for dinner 7:00pm-12:00 midnight on Saturday to Wednesday

- Voucher cannot be combined with other promotions

- Voucher is valid for Dine in on dinner

- Voucher is valid for branches in Karama and Sharjah

- Voucher is also valid for children of all ages

- Advanced booking recommended; seating subject to availability

- Voucher is valid on weekdays between Sept 24th - Dec 24th 2011 if purchased as a Main Deal

- Locations/Contacts & Operation hours of the outlets are:

Karama: (7pm - 12 midnight) Near Fish Market, Behind Jumbo Electronics , Dubai , UAE

Tel: +971 4 3354389 

Sharjah: (7pm - 12 midnight) Immigration Road, Near Citi Bank, Sharjah,

Tel: +971 6 5739993


Mezbaan Restaurant offers a wide variety of dishes in its buffet, including many delicious vegetarian dishes. So there is something for everyone.

Nail the Deal Says

Enjoy this opportunity of discovering the taste of Hyderabad. Do try out the authentic Hyderabadi Biriyani. 

Ask Nailthedeal a Question about this product

  • asbdxb
    2011-09-26 Mon 14:01

    Q: i hope we will not face any difficulties in restaurant

    A: Hi, this deal offers up to 25 discount on all restaurants at The Address Dubai Mall Residences. We can assure you that you won't run into any problems. Thank you and keep nailing!

  • jeannalita gueva
    2011-09-25 Sun 10:07

    Q: how can i receive the voucher by online or they will delivered. And need reservation for 4 person or can come directly tomorrow evening.

    A: Good Morning, you will receive your voucher via email. We do recommend you call ahead for a reservation, thank you.

  • jeannalita gueva
    2011-09-25 Sun 10:03

    Q: voucher i will receive today if i pay with my creditcard?

    A: Hello, yes you will receive your voucher(s) today. Thank you for your inquiry. Just Nail it!

  • jeannalita gueva
    2011-09-25 Sun 10:02

    Q: if i buy can i go tomorrow for dinner

    A: Good Morning, yes you will be able to go to dinner. When you purchase the voucher you will receive it within minutes of your purchase. We do suggest you call ahead of time for a reservation. Thank you, Just Nail it!

  • doc_rehanahmed
    2011-09-25 Sun 05:34

    Q: If i buy it today, can i use it on coming saturday 01/10/11? mentioned above children require coupon? what about below 4 years..

    A: Hello, yes if you buy today you can use it on Saturday, within a few minutes you will receive your voucher(s). We suggest you call at least 24 hours ahead of time for a reservation, children 4 years and under eat for free. Just Nail it! Margarita

  • attiya90
    2011-09-23 Fri 05:13

    Q: hie

    A: Hi

  • tasmoizh
    2011-09-21 Wed 02:37

    Q: I have purchased the coupon 4 person successfully but did not receive the mail of confirmation.

    A: Hello if you have not received your coupons as of yet, you can go to the top of our website and click on "My Nail the Deal" then scroll down to "My Coupon". You will be able to retrieve your coupons here. Have a great day!

  • ashfaquae
    2011-09-20 Tue 00:16

    Q: Hi, Do i need to nail a seperate deal for my 4 years old daughter?

    A: Hi, ages 4 and under eat for free. Keep nailing!

  • smag245
    2011-09-19 Mon 06:08

    Q: I have bought 2 Rainbow Hotel Buffet vouchers - I want to ask whether anything extra has to be paid at the hotel or it includes starters,main course & any beverages.

    A: Hi, no you wouldn't need to pay anything extra for the meal. Mineral water is included with the buffet. Have a great meal and keep nailing!

  • JMiclat
    2011-09-18 Sun 11:05

    Q: If I will choose in shj branch how many days for reservation can go direct in shj,or in burdubai to registered. Why cannot go between thursday or friday because everybody they having off day only. How they will send the voucher through email and will pay on cod.

    A: Hi, we suggest you make bookings 24 hours in advance over the phone. You will receive a physical copy of your vouchers when you pay cash to the courier delivery person. Thank you and keep nailing!

  • hemlata
    2011-09-18 Sun 07:16

    Q: hi, whether it is applicable on Eid holidays, which will be coming in the month of nov'2011. thanks

    A: Hi, this voucher is valid on all days expect Thursdays and Fridays. However, we suggest you make bookings for Eid much in advance. Thank you and keep nailing!

  • prashant.dalvi
    2011-09-18 Sun 03:43

    Q: How about a 5 year old kid. Will he need a voucher.

    A: Hi Prashant, ages 4 and below eat for free with this deal. I'm afraid you would need to purchase a voucher for a 5 year old. Thank you and keep nailing!

  • prashant.dalvi
    2011-09-18 Sun 02:35

    Q: I have been to the bur dubai branch but it is not suitable for families. CHave they renovated this location to suit families. can you please clarify

    A: Hi Prashant, this deal is valid on Karama and Sharjah branches. These branches are perfect for family dinners. We hope you have a great meal and keep nailing!

  • prashant.dalvi
    2011-09-18 Sun 01:18

    Q: Is it valid for the Karama branch or only for Bur DUbai & Sharjah?

    A: Hi, this deal is valid for Karama and Sharjah branches of Mezbaan Restaurant. Have a great meal and keep nailing!

  • sonafree
    2011-09-18 Sun 00:09

    Q: do children under 5 have to get a voucher as well?

    A: Hi, with this deal children ages 4 and below eat for free. I'm afraid you would need to purchase a voucher for a 5 year old. Thank you and keep nailing!

  • JMiclat
    2011-09-17 Sat 23:41

    Q: Can I come either thursday or friday

    A: Hi, I'm afraid this deal is only valid on Saturday through Wednesday. Have a great meal and keep nailing!

  • JMiclat
    2011-09-17 Sat 23:39

    Q: We are 30 person can pay in COD

    A: Hi, sure you can pay for 30 vouchers by COD. Enjoy your meal and keep nailing!

  • nizarm
    2011-09-17 Sat 23:13

    Q: hello, I have a 2 year old baby with me; would I have to purchase a separate deal for my baby as well?

    A: Hi, you wouldn't require a separate deal for your 2 year old. We hope you have a great meal and keep nailing!

  • M_M
    2011-09-17 Sat 19:46

    Q: Hi, are beverages included in the buffet?? Thanks

    A: Hi, I'm afraid beverages are not included in this deal. We hope you have a great meal and keep nailing!

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